Why You Need a Professional Plumbing Service for Home Renovations

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Internal Plumbing, Leaking Pipe, Plumbing Service | 0 comments

Home renovations—an idea that sounds so fun and glamorous and is part of our plumbing service.

Knocking out walls, framing new rooms, and running electrical are all exciting aspects of a home renovation. We can see the design start taking shape. We can begin to visualize the final outcome of our hard work.

However, plumbing can sometimes be an after-thought. It’s something every home needs, but things like drainage and quality pipe sloping don’t sound as glamorous or fun to tackle during a remodel.

If you want your new kitchens and bathrooms to function properly, though, you’ll want to use a quality plumbing service.

Here are a few reasons why finding a professional plumber is better than trying to DIY your plumbing plunders.

Why to Pick a Professional Plumber

Sure, many of us can access how-to videos online.

We can learn how to frame a wall, we can learn how to install basic lighting fixtures and even bathroom fixtures. But, trying to learn how to fix or completely re-plumb something is extremely intricate.

One misstep in the process can lead to annoying leaks or festering backups. Either way, without plumbing correctly, you’ll have a huge mess.

Here’s why you may want to ask Siri or Alexa to find a plumber near me.

The Leaky Pipe Headache

One of the most common plumbing annoyances is the perpetual leaky faucet or pipe. It seems like such an easy fix. Until you try to fix it yourself.

There are a handful of ways to patch a leaking pipe, dripping sink or bathtub spout, but to truly fix the real issue will involve a bit of detective work and some specialized tools. Sometimes, buying the tools and the materials to fix the issue will cost more than actually hiring a plumber from a quality plumbing service.

Correct Pipe Decisions

Ever walk down the aisles of a home improvement or hardware store? There are pipes of every size, shape, and even color. Knowing the right type of plumbing pipe and size are two extremely important aspects of plumbing.

If you pick and install the wrong pipes, you can guarantee an even bigger and more expensive plumbing fix is in your very near future.

Furthermore, if you are dealing with a blocked pipe, you may quickly find that trying to unclog the blockage becomes an impossible feat.

Know Thy Fittings, Angles, and Slopes

Building a strong plumbing grid is one of the most important parts of a new build or a quality renovation. Using the right fittings and creating a perfect slope is monumental to efficiency.

Pipes need to be organized in a specific order to allow for efficient water flow. They need to be sloped at enough of an angle to move water and waste, but too much of a slope can result in a poor connection to the main sewage line or septic tank.

Also, very specific fittings need to be used in order to connect pipes correctly. This is where DIY errors can lead to very expensive plumbing repairs.

Avoid the Mess with a Quality Plumbing Service

A home renovation is an exciting venture.

However, there will inevitably be issues that happen unexpectedly. Just don’t let plumbing be one of those.

Worried that hiring a plumbing service will push you over budget? Give us a call and let us help you design the perfect plumbing system or fix for your renovation.