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Blocked Drains

At some stage, every household, building or property experiences a blockage. Whether the water in your toilet, basin, shower, kitchen sink, exterior drains, sewage or storm water line has not drained as anticipated, we can assist! Our equipment can clear your drains correctly and without damage, so call the professionals when you need help on 087 806 6262!
Make sure that you are aware of how drain blockages are caused:

  1. Solids being flushed down toilets;
  2. The build-up of fat, oil and grease from sinks;
  3. Cement, sand and foreign elements trapped within lines (this generally happens in property development);
  4. Tree roots growing and interfering with the drainage system;
  5. Solids and other foreign elements, like foodstuffs, being disposed of in sinks, baths, showers and basins;
  6. Foreign elements getting stuck in exterior pipes.

Contact us today if you are concerned that your water flow is poor or slowing down.

There is nothing more frustrating than a blocked drain. In the warm summer months, a blocked drain can stink. In winter an outdoor blocked drain can overflow and cause other problems, storm drains especially.

In Gauteng, there are 5.1 million households.  Just 10%  of these homes in Gauteng have a blocked drain that is 510,000 blocked drains to deal with. In Gauteng blocked, drains are a common occurrence and one of the most common call-outs for plumbers in the province.

Drains can be kept free flowing all year round by following some simple guidelines that include:

  • Do not flush non-flushable items down the drain or toilet – sanitary towels cause many blocked drains
  • Do not pour cooking fat or grease from your kitchen down your sink or drain
  • Do not pour engine oil, paint, or other substances down the drain – very common in commercial establishments
  • Use a drain filter on all drains
  • Look after your drains

Scheduled Drain Cleaning

Another way to prevent blocked drains in your home or for your business is to schedule a plumber to service and maintain your drains.  Blocked drainage systems at restaurants that serve fried foods is common in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Simple good management and good business practices can avoid costly call outs to clear drains that are clogged with fat and other undesirable rubbish. A scheduled drain cleaning service is something homes and businesses across Gauteng should consider.

How are Drains Unblocked?

Small blocked drains, such as those in your bathroom or kitchen can generally be unblocked easily. Using either a plunger or a Chemical such as caustic soda can normally dislodge hair,  small build-ups of grease and dirt as well as other blockages. For more persistent blockages, or for larger pipes, garden or outdoor drains  professional drain cleaning services may be required.

Professional Drain Cleaning

To unblock larger drains plumbers have a range of tools at their disposal. Traditional extendable poles with screw-on pieces that push a brush  or head through a blocked drain are still a common tool used. Alternatively stubborn blocked drains can be cleared using a water jet that blasts the blocked drain under pressure. Professional drain cleaning and clearance of blocked drains are specialist services offered by many plumbers in Gauteng.

How Much Does It Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain?

The cost of clearing a blocked drain in Gauteng can vary from R600 to R2000 and more. Cost varies  depending on the type of drain, the type of blockage, location and time of call out. Emergency call outs to unblock drains can cost considerably more. The service may or may not be covered by insurance. Serious blockages in your drains as well as subsequent unblocking can cause damage to your drains that can be expensive to repair.

Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to blocked drains. If you suspect your drain may become blocked i.e. when water flows away slowly contact your local plumber today. Never underestimate a blocked drain and never leave it too long to address the matter.

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