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Blocked Drains

At some stage, every household, building or property experiences a blockage. Whether the water in your toilet, basin, shower, kitchen sink, exterior drains, sewage or storm water line has not drained as anticipated, we can assist! Our equipment can clear your drains correctly and without damage, so call the professionals when you need help on 087 806 6262!
Make sure that you are aware of how drain blockages are caused:

  1. Solids being flushed down toilets;
  2. The build-up of fat, oil and grease from sinks;
  3. Cement, sand and foreign elements trapped within lines (this generally happens in property development);
  4. Tree roots growing and interfering with the drainage system;
  5. Solids and other foreign elements, like foodstuffs, being disposed of in sinks, baths, showers and basins;
  6. Foreign elements getting stuck in exterior pipes.

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