Flooding Due to Burst and Leaking Pipes

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Flooding due to Burst and Leaking Pipes

There’s nothing worse than getting home and discovering your floor is under inches of water! It could be from pipes in your foundations, wall pipes, a tap that wasn’t turned off, or simply from washing machine connections that have come loose. Don’t despair!

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Knowledge is power, so be aware of the most common cause for copper pipes leaking – corrosion, due to these pipes being embedded in cement. Depending on the quality of the copper pipe, this corrosion can happen over a period of two to 10 years, resulting in numerous tiny holes along the pipe embedded in the wall. Other materials are also used for piping and each has a different life expectancy and characteristics. We recommend that only qualified plumbers work on these pipes to ensure water-tight seals and quality repairs to resulting damage to walls and tiles. Check your insurance policy to ensure that a burst pipe is included in your cover.

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