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Savvy Plumbing is part of the Savvy Holdings Group which has been doing business for over six years, but our experienced management and staff have collectively been in this industry for over twenty-five years, so you can be assured of knowledge, professionalism and technical know-how. You need to be able to trust your plumbing specialist. The Savvy Holdings Group, with their Emergency Plumbing Services, will bring your worries to an end with a satisfactory outcome.

We take pleasure in having a warranty on our own workmanship for six months after we’ve fixed your plumbing headache, but please note that for obvious reasons, this may not apply where we have to correct someone else’s poor quality service. See our terms & conditions.

We encourage you to take the right step in your choice of plumbing services when it comes to anything to do with water and pipes, in and around the home, work or industrial entity.

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Our Plumbing Services

Burst Geyser Repairs and Installations

Did you know that electrical geysers’ consumption usually makes up 60% of the electricity bill for a standard household of 4 people?  The average person uses about 50L of hot water per day. Water is a scarce resource, so the sooner you repair a burst geyser or have your geyser checked for faults, the better it is for everyone!  We all enjoy the use of hot water, so if disaster comes calling, you know who to call! We can replace and install gas, electric and solar geysers with minimum delay. If you are insured, we will provide the right documentation for you to claim on your insurance policy.

Our team of experts are on hand to offer professional advice and recommendations as to which type, size and style of the geyser is best for your home and your usage requirements.  When we supply and install a Kwikot geyser, you’ll automatically get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

At some stage, every household, building or property experiences a blockage. Whether the water in your toilet, basin, shower, kitchen sink, exterior drains, sewage or storm water line has not drained as anticipated, we can assist! Our equipment can clear your drains correctly and without damage, so call the professionals when you need help on 087 806 6262!
Make sure that you are aware of how drain blockages are caused:

  1. Solids being flushed down toilets;
  2. The build-up of fat, oil and grease from sinks;
  3. Cement, sand and foreign elements trapped within lines (this generally happens in property development);
  4. Tree roots growing and interfering with the drainage system;
  5. Solids and other foreign elements, like foodstuffs, being disposed of in sinks, baths, showers and basins;
  6. Foreign elements getting stuck in exterior pipes.

Contact us today if you are concerned that your water flow is poor or slowing down.

There’s nothing worse than getting home and discovering your floor is under inches of water! It could be from pipes in your foundations, wall pipes, a tap that wasn’t turned off, or simply from washing machine connections that have come loose. Don’t despair!

Call Savvy Plumbing for all emergency floods on  087 806 6262.

Knowledge is power, so be aware of the most common cause for copper pipes leaking – corrosion, due to these pipes being embedded in cement. Depending on the quality of the copper pipe, this corrosion can happen over a period of two to 10 years, resulting in numerous tiny holes along the pipe embedded in the wall. Other materials are also used for piping and each has a different life expectancy and characteristics. We recommend that only qualified plumbers work on these pipes to ensure water-tight seals and quality repairs to resulting damage to walls and tiles. Check your insurance policy to ensure that a burst pipe is included in your cover.

Sewage smell getting you down? A septic system uses bacteria to naturally break down the waste products you send down the drain. Allowing unnecessary things like food particles, oils and excess detergents in will quickly overburden the bacteria and lead to your septic system performing poorly, becoming blocked more often and requiring extra pumping and maintenance.

If your property makes use of a septic tank and French drain, know that this tank is always working, even when you aren’t flushing. Waste is constantly being broken down and drained from the septic tank into the leach-field/drain-field/French drain. A septic tank that is working correctly will need to be professionally pumped every 2-5 years, depending on many factors, including your tank size, the input load, tank maintenance history and household cleaning chemical usage.

Our specialised equipment can assist with maintenance cleaning or emergency pumping, so call us today on 087 806 6262 to remove waste without delay.

Restaurants and other food preparation businesses make use of grease traps. Our grease trap cleaning and pumping service will thoroughly remove, clean, and dispose grease, water waste and solid accumulation from the grease trap system. Savvy Plumbing will assist you with all your waste management needs to keep your businesses daily operations running smoothly.

Our highly skilled technicians will meticulously scuff away grease deposits and make certain that all waste is pumped out completely. Servicing the grease trap regularly can prevent solids, grease, fats, and oils from contaminating your outbound lines, causing unpleasant smells and preventing old grease build-up which can cause costly problems.

Savvy Plumbing will fully remove and haul away all the content of the grease trap, do it right the first time and make sure that our clients receive the top quality service that they deserve.

Why is leak detection important? Because water is precious and we must not allow wastage. And if you use gas, then it is dangerous to have a gas leak in your home or business. If you have an unusually high water account or see damp spots without any evidence of where the water is coming from, you could well have a leak. Is there a strange odour in your kitchen which you’ve cleaned to a spotless condition? Perhaps one of your gas pipes is leaking.

Take away the guesswork and don’t wait for any damage to get worse. Savvy Plumbing has technicians and equipment with the ability to locate and eradicate water and gas leaks without unnecessary digging or damage to property.

Contact us today on 087 806 6262.