Burst Geyser Repairs

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Did you know that electrical geysers’ consumption usually makes up 60% of the electricity bill for a standard household of 4 people?  The average person uses about 50L of hot water per day. Water is a scarce resource, so the sooner you repair a burst geyser or have your geyser checked for faults, the better it is for everyone!  We all enjoy the use of hot water, so if disaster comes calling, you know who to call! We can replace and install gas, electric and solar geysers with minimum delay. If you are insured, we will provide the right documentation for you to claim on your insurance policy.

Our team of experts are on hand to offer professional advice and recommendations as to which type, size and style of the geyser is best for your home and your usage requirements.  When we supply and install a Kwikot geyser, you’ll automatically get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.


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