Septic Tank and French Drain Cleaning

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Septic Tank and French Drain Cleaning

Sewage smell getting you down? A septic system uses bacteria to naturally break down the waste products you send down the drain. Allowing unnecessary things like food particles, oils and excess detergents in will quickly overburden the bacteria and lead to your septic system performing poorly, becoming blocked more often and requiring extra pumping and maintenance.

If your property makes use of a septic tank and French drain, know that this tank is always working, even when you aren’t flushing. Waste is constantly being broken down and drained from the septic tank into the leach-field/drain-field/French drain. A septic tank that is working correctly will need to be professionally pumped every 2-5 years, depending on many factors, including your tank size, the input load, tank maintenance history and household cleaning chemical usage.

Our specialised equipment can assist with maintenance cleaning or emergency pumping, so call us today on 087 806 6262 to remove waste without delay.



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