Top Reasons to use a professional plumber

by | Jun 3, 2021 | Plumbing Service | 0 comments

Plumbing is something every homeowner or tenant needs at some point.  From a minor task of fitting a washing machine or replacing a washer in a tap or for something more drastic such as a new geyser or new bathroom, you will require the use of professional plumbing services.  You could very well attempt to do some small jobs yourself but professional plumbing services exist for a reason.

The danger of DIY Plumbing

There is no harm in doing a little bit of DIY plumbing especially if you are the homeowner. However, if you are a tenant or indeed a landlord using a professional plumber makes a great deal of sense. So what are the top reasons for using a plumber?

Safe and Proper Job

An experienced professional and registered plumber has taken many years to learn his trade. By using a professional you gain a host of plumbing services and expertise that you may not be able to provide when you DIY the job.  Plumbing is an ancient trade that dates back to at least 2500BC and requires skills and understanding beyond the average DIYer.  Using a professional plumber you get the job done right first time every time.

Right Tools for the job

A professional plumber not only knows what needs to be done but has the tools the get the job done properly. With specialist tools that can find and detect leaks, unblock drains, reach places the average spanner can’t and more when you call a plumber you get a man with the proper tools for the job.

Not just fixing toilets and sinks

Many people assume that plumbing services are limited to pipes and flowing water. They would be wrong and many plumbers offer a wide range of additional services such as tiling and the supply of bathtubs and basins through to the complete installation of a new bathroom.

No Further Damage

Plumbing can be a tricky business and one slip can see water flooding everywhere and a small job soon becomes a major catastrophe. When you choose to use the services of a professional plumber you eliminate this problem knowing your plumber knows what he is doing.

Warranties and Guarantees

Many plumbers are proud of the work and want you to be happy too. Because of this and because they have faith and confidence in what they do they offer warranties and guarantees on their work. The peace of mind that comes from using the best plumbing services in your area is priceless.

You are supporting a small business

In many cases when you use a professional plumber you are supporting a small business. With a small business, you get outstanding personal service and know that you are using someone whose reputation for good workmanship is what he thrives on. With a professional plumber you are valuable and your repeat business and referrals matter. 


At the end of the professional plumbing services are worth every cent. You get a good job done at a fair price and you know the work will last and that the job is done properly. You cannot put a price on this.