The Joy of Blocked Drains

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Whether it is hair clogging a drain from a shower or food and grease clogging up a drain from a kitchen sink, most of us have experienced the pleasure of a blocked drain. Blocked Drains are yukky, messy and often smelly things to deal with and few of us enjoy dealing with them.

Small, day to day blockages are commonplace and generally easy to unblock. Some caustic soda flushed down the drain or a bit of effort with a plunger and the job is done. But what happens if you can’t clear the blockage?

Blocked Drain Professionals

Blocked drains from sinks and baths in your home are commonly clogged by hair, food, paper towels, soap scum and other sanitary or cleaning items. These are not the only drains that get blocked; outdoor and garden drains get blocked by leaves, fallen branches and even the odd stray toy. To clear your drains properly you need the services of blocked drain professionals. With professionals, even the most stubborn of blockages can be removed quickly and easily.

The first signs of a blocked drain

Once water stops flowing entirely down a drain you have left it almost too late and it may now be costly to unblock. There are several early warning signs that a drain is blocked and getting clogged, these include

  • Odours from the drain
  • Water Draining Slower
  • Rising water levels inside the drain
  • Noisy Drains

Should you notice any of these signs it is time to call a plumber or specialist company to help you unblock your drains.

Is unblocking a drain enough?

For smaller drains that run from a kitchen sink to an outside drain the blockage is easily dislodged and the pipework is clear. For longer drains and deeper drains and initial unblocking simply pushed the blockage along, often spreading it out and end up attracted more waste leading to a further blockage. When you call in a professional to deal with your blocked drains your drains will be thoroughly flushed through to guarantee that the drain and pipework are clear. If your drain is blocking up frequently it is advisable to call in a plumber to professionally unblock your drains.

Why Choose Professionals to unblock your drains?

Blocked drains are a nuisance and can become a hazard. Cleaning and clearing them properly is the responsibility of the property owner, tenant or occupier. In communal property, blocks of flats, hotels, shopping etc, blocked drains become an inconvenience for others. For this reason, professional drain cleaning services are essential. For homeowners, using a professional to unblock drains creates peace of mind and makes absolute sense.

Ignored and left alone, blocked drains become more difficult to unblock and the process becomes more costly. If your drains are showing signs of becoming blocked attend to them as soon as possible to avoid complications and what could become a costly mess.



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