Plumbing Services: The Different Kinds, Costs, and Benefits Explained

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There’s almost nothing more stressful than finding out you’re having plumbing issues. Maybe your shower isn’t draining. Your toilet isn’t flushing properly. Or maybe some of the pipes under your kitchen sink are leaking.

Don’t panic: At Savvy Civils, we’re trained and ready to help. And we promise there are proven plumbing services available to solve your everyday challenges — it’s what we do!

So, keep reading below to discover some of the most common kinds of plumbing services, the benefits, and how much they cost! 

Burst Geyser Repairs and Installations

Average Cost: R7568.57

We all love hot water. But once you’re used to it, it’s incredibly frustrating and even stressful when it runs out. Often, this is because of a burst or damaged geyser or water heater. 

Although it’s a bit more expensive than other plumbing services, it’s beneficial to hire a skilled team of professionals to handle geyser repairs or replacements. Teams like ours are trained and experienced in delivering fast, quality fixes to get you back up and running in no time. 

Blocked Drains

Average Cost: R1513.71 – R3027.43

Clogged or blocked drains are especially frustrating because they inhibit your ability to stay productive.

Using your sink? With a blocked drain, the whole process is slower because you have to wait for it to drain between uses. Taking a shower? You can’t take very long, because a clogged drain means water might begin filling your tub or even spill out onto your floor.

But with professional plumbers on your side, you can have your drain snaked and clear for maximum flow in a matter of minutes. 

Burst & Leaking Pipes 

Average Cost (Leaky Pipes): R2270.57 – R4541.15

Average Cost (Burst Pipes): R7568.57 – R15137.15

Sure, a burst geyser can be a total mess, and a lack of hot water is really annoying. And, on top of that, a blocked or clogged pipe can really slow down your day. But more than any of those issues, burst or leaky pipes can actually do a lot of serious damage to your home or business. And, unfortunately, it’s a pretty common plumbing issue.

Thankfully, not every burst or leak is created equal. Sometimes, a pipe or two underneath a bathroom or kitchen might be leaking. When that’s the case, if the pipe is easy to access, the repair shouldn’t cost you too much. This is very normal.

But, in more extreme cases, you might actually be dealing with fully burst pipes. And, in a short matter of time, that burst can lead to flooding throughout your space.

So, whether your pipes are leaky, bursting, or starting to flood, it’s important to call the experts to fix your situation as soon as possible. 

Plumbing Services and You

Even if the plumbing services you need aren’t found in the list above, we’d still always love to hear more about your situation and do whatever we can to help.

So, whenever a crisis strikes and you need plumbing services, you know who to call. We’re ready, experienced, equipped — and honoured to help.

To learn more about our plumbing services or get a quote today, visit our website or contact us at 087-806-6262.