Finding the best Electricians in Johannesburg

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Internal Plumbing, Plumbing Service | 0 comments

Even with Eskom and Loadshedding causing the problems they do electricity is very much essential. Because of this, there is a need for good electricians. There are many electricians in Johannesburg and finding the right one is not as easy as it may seem. So, how to do choose the best electrician for your needs among the many electricians in Johannesburg.

Licenced Electrician

In Johannesburg, there are thousands of electricians but not all of them are licenced. By law, an electrician to have qualified as one and the qualifications should always be at hand. If an electrician is not qualified it should ring a few alarm bells.

Experience and References

The next thing you should consider when choosing the best electrician for your home or business is experience. How long an electrician has been trading and working is important, experience matters. If there are references to follow up on do so. Contracting an inexperienced electrician or one that is not a good worker could be costly.


Whether or not an electrician has insurance is an important consideration. Finding out what sort of insurance is in place matters. You need to know what the insurance covers, whether any warranties or guarantees are protected and if any damage to your property is covered. Using an electrician covered by good insurance provides a lot of peace of mind.

Specialist Skills

There are electricians and then there are electricians. Not all electricians are the same, some have specialist expertise such as three-phase, some are trained by companies such as Defy or LG. These specialist skills can help you determine which electrician is right for you.

Who does the work?

This is a very important question and one you need to be answered. Many smaller electricians will do the work themselves but there are plenty of others who will outsource work to other electricians. It is a common practice that has its pros and cons. Knowing whether or not the electrician you are speaking to does the work, his team does the work or a third party does the work is vital in your decision making.

Fees and Charges

For many people, the fees charged by an electrician is the overall deciding factor. Hourly rates or rates per job can vary across Johannesburg from electrician to electrician. Hidden costs need to be exposed and extra costs you can expect should be mentioned upfront. A quote should be provided and very often the quality of this quote helps make a final decision.

Gut Feel

At the end of the day a gut feel and whether you are comfortable with the electrician you choose is essential. Feeling confident that you can trust the electrician on your premises and to do the work well is important. Knowing you can leave your electrician alone safely in your home or business property is vital. Ultimately your gut feel will be the thing that makes you go with electrician A, B or C.