5 Key Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Hiring

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Are you in need of a burst geyser repair or installation? Do you need a company that can identify water or gas leaks in your home? If so, then you need to contact a plumber right away.

However, It’s not enough to simply find the first number for a plumber in your area and call them. You need to make sure that you find a trustworthy service before you invest money into it. That way, you can build a business relationship with them over time.

See below for several questions to ask a plumber to find the right fit for your needs both now and in the future.

1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

It might be the most standard of all questions to ask any business, but it bears worth repeating. 

If you want to find a plumber with experience and know-how (which you do), then you need to hire a service that’s been around for a while. They’ve been in your community for years, they know the trials of many local properties, including yours.

No matter what problems you’re having with your plumbing system, an experienced local plumber has seen it all. They know exactly how to approach each situation as well as diagnose an issue and repair it quickly.

However, be sure that your repair is overseen by an individual plumber with a high level of experience. After all, it won’t do you much good to hire a trustworthy plumbing service with over 25 years of experience, but get a plumber with only 1 to 2 years of experience.

2. What Will Your Service Cost?

To be fair, this question can’t always be answered on the initial call. You might think that one thing is causing the problem, but if there are multiple issues, then your repair will cost more than they originally quoted you over the phone.

This question is best saved for when the plumber comes out to perform a check-up. Once they’ve seen the damage, you can ask them about the cost of their service.

Make sure to have it all listed out for you. Ask if there are any additional fees that you should expect that might not be listed on the quote. 

Whenever the plumber quotes you a price, be sure to get it in writing. That way, you can keep a record of the price point you should expect.

Also, be sure to ask questions about how the plumbing company prefers payment, when they’d like payment, and whether they’re hourly or a flat rate. An accomodating service will be happy to work with you on building a payment plan that fits your budget.

3. Do You Have Insurance?

No matter how many years of experience your plumbing company has or how many great reviews they received online, there’s always a risk potential.

As long as you hire a plumbing company that’s properly insured for such risk, you have nothing to worry about. Make sure to clarify that the plumber you hired does have insurance and ask them to specify what kind of insurance they have.

You want to make sure they have a type of insurance that can cover any damage done during, or as a result of, the repair they performed. It can help with things like water damage, moulding, and so on.

This not only protects their company but you as well. If you hire a plumbing company without insurance, then you’ll be forced to pay for the damage yourself.

Do you due diligence beforehand to find a reputable plumber with insurance. That way, if there are surprises, they can be handled accordingly.

4. Do You Have References That I Can Call?

If you’ve never used a specific plumbing service before, it’s completely understandable that you’d want to hire a plumber after talking to their previous clientele.

The simplest way to do that is by asking them if they have any references that you could reach out to. Be sure to get the contact’s name, number, email, and place of business. That way, you can ensure it’s a legitimate client, not their cousin on the other line.

Ask the previous/current client about their experience with the plumber. How long have they used them? What do they like about that company specifically? What services have they had performed? Ask any question that can paint a broader picture for you.

5. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Plain and simple: you should never hire a plumbing service that doesn’t offer its clients a warranty. Those that offer them are confident enough in their service to correct any rare mistakes that they and their workers perform on the job.

It’s how reputable plumbers ensure that their customers are cared for, not left out to dry if certain issues continue or worsen.

Also, make sure to ask what services they provide and which ones the warranty covers. A plumber can perform many services such as grease trap repairs, septic tank cleaning, blocked drains, and so on.

Ask about specifics on the warranty. How long does it last? What does it cover? How do you go about redeeming the warranty?

Ask a Plumber These Questions to Find the Right Fit

Now that you have seen several key questions that you should ask a plumber, be sure to use them throughout the process.

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