The 6 top reasons you’ll need to call a 24-hour plumber

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Plumbing Service

A look into which plumbing issues should be attended to urgently by a 24-hour plumber.

There are plumbing issues, and then there are emergency issues that require a 24-hour plumber immediately. There is nothing more frustrating than settling into a peaceful weekend routine, only to realise you have a plumbing problem that can’t wait for Monday.

Bringing in a plumber after hours can be expensive. We have put together an essential list of six problems that need urgent attention to help you know when to act and when to wait.

1. You can smell or see sewerage seeping out

Probably a homeowner or renter’s biggest nightmare – the sight or smell of raw sewerage. This issue needs urgent attention because it can severely damage your property if left untreated. It indicates a crack or problem with the central wastewater pipe that removes all waste streams from your property.

2. Your water won’t run hot

The first thing to check is that no one in the family has left a bath or sink running with hot water all day. If nothing suggests that the hot water has just run out, then it’s essential to call a 24 plumber as soon as possible.

3. Your water has stopped altogether

The first action point is to check whether this is a localised problem, both within and outside your home. Are all the taps dry or only one tap in a particular room? If your whole house has run dry, you should find out whether your neighbours are experiencing the same challenge. If it’s a neighbourhood problem, the next step is reporting the issue to the municipality.

If the problem exists within your home and affects one tap, in this case, wait until Monday morning. If the whole house has run dry, that constitutes an emergency callout with a 24-hour plumber, as you may have a burst pipe that needs to be attended to immediately.

  • Your toilet is blocked up

If you have multiple toilets in the house and only one is blocked, it can be left for working hours. Ensure that the specific bathroom is left alone until the plumber attends to it. If you only have one toilet, it may be necessary to have it treated after hours.

Blocked toilets must be attended to relatively quickly as they can lead to expensive problems.

  • Spike in water bills

This may be due to a leaking or burst pipe; you should take this as a sign to call a 24-hour plumber!

  • Low water pressure

If the water pressure drops and suddenly there is hardly any water coming out of the taps or your shower’s power diminishes, there may be a build-up in the pipes. Firstly, check that there isn’t a broader municipal issue; if not, call a 24-hour plumber to sort the problem out as soon as possible to prevent further costs.

We hope this list of our regular after hours call-outs empowers you with a little more knowledge about common plumbing problems and their causes. If you are looking for an experienced 24-hour plumber, call us at 087 806 6262