What you need to know about leaking pipes

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Leaking pipes are a major problem in households and industries alike because they can cause severe damage to humans and appliances. Serious emergencies like flooding and fires can result, destroying furniture, appliances, and even electrocuting people. Leaking pipes can increase your energy and water bills and cost you a lot of money in repairs to ruined property. At Savvy Plumbing, our technicians detect the cause of gas and water leaks and bring lasting solutions without damage to your property. 

This article discusses the causes of leaking pipes, their effects, and the various solutions we have for every problem. 

  • Age and material of the pipe

Cast iron pipes can deteriorate after 25 years or before then, depending on various factors. The pipes become weak, corrode and develop holes, which lead to leakage. The corrosion can also be because the water’s pH or that of its minerals is off. The remedy is to replace the leaking pipes with copper or plastic pipes, which are known to last longer and are not subject to corrosion. 

  • Excessive water pressure 

High water pressure in pipes can lead to tiny leakage over time in pipes. In bad cases, the pipes can completely burst. High water pressure can also cause wear and tear on faucets, washing machines, seals, shower heads, and an increase in energy bills because of an increase in the amount of water that needs heating. Savvy technicians will install, regulate, or fix your pressure regulator depending on the cause of the problem. They will also replace leaking or burst pipes. 

  • Clogging 

Clogs can be caused by the accumulation of debris, grease or both. This leakage is common in sinks and bathtubs. Pressure can build up behind clogs after a while, and the stress may cause the pipes to crack or break. This will lead to leakage. Our experts will use strong cleaners to unclog the pipes. 

  • Pipe joints 

Pipe joints are the curved areas that redirect water. They are the weakest parts of any pipe and are susceptible to damage. The joints can leak water if you manipulate them or if they have deteriorated over time. Savvy experts will replace the joint and fit a new one tightly into place. 

  • Weather 

Changes in temperature are a leading cause of leaking pipes in regions that experience winter. Metals contract and expand depending on the temperature. Rapid contraction and expansion of metal pipes can lead to cracks which eventually lead to leakage. 

  • Faulty appliances 

Industries can experience pipe leaks because of old appliances, tube fittings that were incorrectly installed, poor selection of tubes, and weak seals. It can cause nausea, dizziness, irregular breathing, and loss of life and property if it leads to a fire. Savvy technicians on our team have the equipment and experience to inspect the house/industry, detect the source of the leakage, and eliminate it without causing any damage. 

If you have any leaking pipes at home or suspect there is a leakage but can not find the source, call Savvy Plumbing today at 087 806 6262 to get an estimate. Our experts are always willing to help you.