Are all plumbers leak detection experts?

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Leak Detection, Leaking Pipe | 0 comments

A water leak is not always something you can see gushing up from the ground. Water leaks can literally be flushing money down the drain because they cannot be seen or even heard. The only time you notice a leak is when your bill is higher than you expected it to be. With water leaks, you need a leak detection expert, not just a plumber.

Plumber vs. Leak Detectors

Big water leaks are generally easy to notice and any plumber can address these. However, in many cases, smaller leaks go undetected or further leaks over and above the main leak are not found by your average plumber. Leak detection is a specialist area of plumbing and it is a leak detector you call when you suspect water may be flowing out of your pipes where it shouldn’t be. Any professional leak detector will tell you that they are not your average plumber and for good reason too.

Where water leaks start

Water leaks occur for many reasons and very often start a little bigger than a pinprick. Referred to as pinhole leaks most small leaks begin their life because of pitted corrosion. These leaks are very small and almost undetectable until moisture shows from behind walls or underfoot, by which time damage has already been done. The longer a pinhole leak is left the more costly it is to repair. Pinhole leaks soon become bigger leaks if left unattended and the problem gets worse.

Leak Detection Expertise

It is because leak detectors can find such small leaks that they are considered more than plumbers. Leak detection is not a DIY task and many homebuyers are not aware that it is their job to look for poor plumbing, corroded and leaky pipes when buying a property. A Leak detector is especially valuable with older properties with older plumbing where the potential for corrosion is higher. If you suspect a water leak is prudent to call a leak detector sooner than later. When buying a property asking a leak detector for an investigation can save you money

Specialist Leak Detection Tools

The average plumber may not have the specialist tools that a leak detector might have. The latest leak detection technology finds the smallest leaks sooner and easier. Early leak detection using professional equipment and tools is worth its weight in gold saving time, effort, stress and money.

Fixing a Leak

What happens after a leak has been found? This is the question nearly everyone asks. When professional leak detection services are used the same team will also repair the leak. Sometimes a small fix is needed but a full inspection of your plumbing may indicate the potential for future leaks. In some cases where pipework is old replacement plumbing is often a wise investment.

When you suspect a leak in your plumbing, don’t just call a plumber, call a leak detection expert and get the job done properly the first time!