Plumbing Your Own Home

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Do you only ever call a plumber in an emergency?  For most people, a plumber is a reactive service but in reality, a plumber should be someone you keep close to hand.  As with most things, prevention is always better than cure and plumbing maintenance is an important part of home or property management.  For this reason, a plumbing maintenance contract or plan with a plumber makes absolute sense.

Good Plumbing Needs Attention

Plumbing is something that too many people take for granted and this is something we all need to be cautious of.  Plumbing maintenance is something a lot of people don’t even think about until it is too late.  Through proactive plumbing maintenance, you can prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

How Often Should I schedule a plumbing inspection?

Plumbing Maintenance needs to be taken seriously and a scheduled inspection by a professional plumber generally pays for itself.  A yearly inspection is often enough to keep tabs on your plumbing. Inspecting your pipes and their condition is a great way to prevent leaks. Many professional plumbers have the tools and equipment required to provide a service that can give your plumbing the all-clear.  Corrosion is a continuous problem with pipes and plumbing and regular plumbing maintenance can prevent this from becoming a problem.

Heating and Cooling

Water places pressure on pipes and this can cause potential problems to look out for.  Heat adds others issues to the plumbing system and thus plumbing maintenance is recommended. Checking geysers and hot water systems is essential.  Many homes have pipes dripping water out of their rooflines and these are often just left. Without knowing why water is dripping.  A small drip from your geyser can be the sign of a bigger problem about to start. An annual plumbing maintenance plan can help you keep on top of things.

What does a plumbing maintenance inspection consist of?

Am annual plumbing inspection gives your plumbing a thorough once over.  A close inspection of all your pipes,  geyser, toilet, taps, bath, shower, washing machine and dishwasher connections and even pumps and cesspits.  It is an intensive inspection and how far you wish it to go is up to you. From the inspection, a report is drawn up with recommendations of work that you need doing or should do. Replacing or repairing damaged pipework sooner rather than later nearly always pays off.

Keep on top of your plumbing

Leak prevention is one of the primary focuses of plumbing maintenance and as a homeowner or tenant, you can keep on top of this.  Some leaks are easy to spot and water spurts for all to see,  pressure can drop.  You can also keep an eye on your geyser and hot water system, periodic checks on overflow pipes, drip trays and other components can save a lot of hassle and a lot of money at a future date.

Don’t take your plumbing for granted.  Consider a plumbing maintenance contract and keep your water flowing safely in your property and have total peace of mind.