Under Control: How to Prevent a Burst Geyser in Your Home

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One of the last things one would want in their home is a burst geyser.

A burst geyser can lead to other problems, including home damage, that no one wants to experience.

How can you avoid this issue? What should you do if it happens to you?

Before you experience a leaking geyser or worse, take the necessary steps to prevent a burst geyser in your home and know what to do if you experience one. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

Prevent A Burst Geyser

Here are the steps to ensure you can prevent a burst geyser:

  1. Call The Plumber: Before it is too late, make sure to call your plumber to check the geyser itself. If the geyser thermostat or the valves are damaged, they can fix it and prevent an imminent burst. It is recommended that a plumber comes around once every three years.
  2. Geyser Blanket: If you live in a climate that gets very cold during the winter months, make sure you purchase a geyser blanket. This can be wrapped around the geyser in the winter months to prevent it from losing heat – and thus preventing a possible burst. It is during the winter months that the geyser is in the greatest danger of bursting.
  3. Check the Temperature: It is recommended that the temperature of the geyser remains 60 degrees Celsius.
  4. Electrical Isolator Switch: Ensure that the geyser’s electrical isolator switch is only a metre away from the geyser itself.
  5. Leaking Geyser: One wants to ensure that the geyser is not leaking excessively. A leaking geyser is a step away from a geyser burst. Put a drip tray below the geyser to collect any possible drips. If it is excessive, the geyser needs repair.
  6. Replace the Anodes: The geyser contains an anode. This is a rod that has a metal coating that prevents the corrosion of the geyser. However, the metal coating can eventually fade and the anode can rust. Ensure that you have backup anodes on hand.
  7. Pipe Down: Observe what type of piping your geyser has. Ideally, it should be made out of copper or steel with a protective layer of zinc (galvanised).

What’s The Right Geyser?

Another overlooked method of preventing a burst geyser is to purchase the right geyser in the first place.

Here is what to consider:

  • Choose the right size: If you live in a small flat, you would not need a large geyser built for a family home. This would also make the geyser easier to maintain.
  • Longer lasting: A geyser which is a tank-less water heater has higher longevity than one with a tank.
  • 5 Star: Opt for a geyser that has a 5-star rating. This means that it uses less electricity and lowers heat loss. Naturally, these are higher in cost but are less likely to result in a burst geyser!
  • Warranty: Always check the warranty. You will want a geyser that has a warranty so that it can be replaced within a specified time-frame if there are any issues or defects.

Do not be in a rush! Research your geyser before buying it.

What Are the Next Steps?

If you want to hire the right person to prevent or repair a burst geyser, look no further! It’s not always an easy fix and a professional will do the job well.

We want to help you resolve your problem and get your geyser back to normal.

Connect with us today online, over the phone, or in-person to get the assistance your plumbing requires.


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